Deante’ Moore

I am Akimel O’odham, Tohono O’odham and Black. I am a artist, designer of clothing fashion and a advocate for mental health, wellness and native representation. I incorporate a holistic approach when creating my artwork as I incorporate all parts of myself into my work.


About the Business

Dearte’ represents culture, representation, and creativity. I create art to show the resilience of my ancestors. I express fashion through my creativity to empower those to walk in representation. I incorporate all parts of myself and generations of knowledge when I create a design. I use all four elements of my medicine wheel when creating. I mentally think of everything I want to bring to life, then I physically use a medium with my hands and materials. I put my emotions in my work by maintain a positive attitude. I pray over what I create and smudge my hands before beginning a project and when I am finished. I hope to bring healing and happiness to those who support my business.