The Lone Nashoba


Taylor Martin

I'm an Indigenous (Chickasaw/Seminole) woman, mother, wife, and artist/teacher. I'm a metalsmith with a focus on creating one of a kind jewelry, mostly utilizing sterling silver and genuine stones.

The Lone Nashoba

About the Business

The jewelry I make is rooted in a drive to create something meaningful, a long lasting representation of me as well as a reflection of my Native American heritage. I love knowing that a necklace or pair of earrings I handmade is truly one of a kind, a unique and potential beloved heirloom. The process of metal smithing is an act of mediation for me; there's a slowness to all the stages from sawing the metal sheets, soldering the silver with complete concentration, setting gemstones and polishing once finished. I have fond childhood memories of admiring my grandmother + family member's sterling silver + turquoise adornments. My Indigenous predecessors were very influential in the art of jewelry + I find metal smithing as one way to honor them. I create pieces that includes subtle symbolism or inspiration from my culture within their design elements. I hope to expand the confines of what people consider "Native art" within a traditional or contemporary sense. I thankfully found this art form in Fall 2014 during a very transformative time for me. I've made jewelry for loved ones for special occasions, sold pieces at local popups and across the country through online marketplace. I started teaching at OK Contemporary, a museum in downtown Oklahoma City, in Spring 2021. I love facilitating creativity within others and teaching them a new skill, it's very fulfilling and I'm grateful for the opportunity.